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Do you want to develop yourself and gain experience to become a professional within our finest organizations? Are you ambitious and internationally oriented? Do you want to be in the spotlight? Do you want to be able to fully earn back your study?

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Master Computer Science
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Our Mission

"A leading traineeship to gain experience and income with a job guarantee so that you can develop optimally in the region of Twente during your studies and afterwards"

How can you participate?

Sign up for the TalentIT program by sending your details and motivation to Coen Beernink coen@talentITtwente.nl

What can you expect?

A networking resource

Quality of life, your student life and more

A program that encourages you to go your path of success

Personal development

Prime locations

Interesting career prospects

Supportive environment

TalentIT Twente
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7543 EZ Enschede
Website: www.talentITtwente.nl
Mail: info@talentITtwente.nl
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During our program you develop a suitable and attractive network for your professional career, and you gain knowledge of organizations and their products that you can use in your future growth and development


You gain experiences and insights on economics, social development, the Region and its prime locations, technical and business knowledge to support your future in Twente


Brings the identification of your skills, improved communication, sense of accomplishment to realize your passion in Twente